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    Epoxy floor paint is mainly used for floor paint in workshop, warehouse, supermarket and machine repair workshop. It has good anti-skid, moisture-proof and dust-proof effect on flat concrete floor. In different application occasions, its performance is also different, there are many factories in the factory, its wear resistance, pressure resistance and anti-skid performance requirements to ensure that within the pull interval, can not cause vehicle accidents due to road skidding. 環氧地坪漆施工影響因素

    Influencing factors of epoxy floor paint construction


    Because some workshops often transport some industrial materials containing corrosives, it requires epoxy flooring to have better acid and alkali resistance. The use of these reagents and diluents in industrial plants will cause damage to the ground and have sufficient corrosion resistance to ensure that the surface is not damaged by chemical corrosion.


    Epoxy floor paint will fall off. Often due to insufficient adhesion, poor quality of floor materials and poor adhesion, it is easy to decompose and fall off for a period of time in a specific use process, or the weight is too old.


    If the quality of the coating is not good, it is easy to produce chromatic aberration in the painting process, which also has a great impact on the aesthetics of the floor.


    So in addition to materials, there are other factors that will affect the quality of floor construction? Yes, we have.


    Surface exploration before painting, whether it is too wet, or too high or too low temperature, because of the different surface quality of concrete, the construction effect will also have corresponding differences, some concrete is relatively easy to produce alkali resistance problems, before painting, the corresponding acidification treatment will also affect the construction quality.


    Construction Brushing Process of Epoxy Floor Paint


    Flatness is also an important factor affecting engineering quality. Some floors have many holes in front of the paint and are uneven. If the polishing is not good, the effect of paint will be worse.


    Correct construction procedures should also include the ratio of materials, the selection and purchase of tools used, such as the application of special tools for roller brushes, so as to improve the quality of brushes.


    Different functional workshops have different requirements for epoxy resin construction. For example, electronics workshop usually considers anti-static and anti-dust, while material workshop has higher requirements for anti-skid, anti-wear and compression.


    In the process of painting, according to the need to choose, so that the effect of painting more suitable for the original requirements. Of course, if there are relatively personalized requirements, we should match the environment and the surrounding buildings to make specific arrangements.


    From these points of view, you can know whether the quality of floor paint is good or bad. Specific procurement can also use a number of small skills, such as load-bearing, smell, look at the label brand, quality testing, etc.

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